About Our Products

We get a variety of products, both food and non-food.  We often get asked "Where does this come from?" or "Why do you get it?" or "Was there a train wreck?"   Here are a few of the reasons.... most of which have nothing to do with a wreck:

A manufacturer changes the design of a label, and they throw all of the previous labeled product out to make room for the newly labeled ones.

Part of a pallet gets damaged, and it's more profitable to pass it on to a third party.

Product gets outdated because the packaging represents a holiday or a promotion.

Product gets either close to or past the "Best By" date.

Store Discount Program

New Arrivals by the Truckload

Purchase $50.00 and get $10.00 in free merchandise with your next visit. No minimum purchase, no expiration date.

About Us

We have been serving the Jackson/Cape Girardeau area since 1996. 

Close Out Specials

We strive to bring in the freshest grocery products possible through a proven purchasing system which allows us to reduce your grocery bill dramatically. Another truck load arriving November 15th we're bring loads in every two weeks.  

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Fresh truck load arrived November 1st another one coming soon  so the shelves are being stocked quick as we can. Don't miss out, there will be some great deals. 

Dents Make Cents is constantly running close out deals. Buy one get one free plus crazy deals like 10 packs of Old El Paso Seasoning for $1.00.  

Meet Our Staff

Keri Price, Manager

Amy Jo Raglin,

Lina Stroder

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