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Welcome to the Dents Make Cents website. Begining in January of 2023 discount frozen food products are now available. We are talking BEEF, PORK, CHICKEN & NOVALTIE items such as PIZZA, SANDWICHES, ICE CREAM and more. Now we can save you even more money on that grocery bill in these difficult economic times.  

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Purchase $75.00 and get $10.00 in free merchandise with your next visit. No minimum purchase, no expiration date.

We get a variety of products, both food and non-food.  We often get asked "Where does this come from?" or "Why do you get it?" or "Was there a train wreck?"   Here are a few of the reasons.... most of which have nothing to do with a wreck:

A manufacturer changes the design of a label, and they throw all of the previous labeled product out to make room for the newly labeled ones.

Part of a pallet gets damaged, and it's more profitable to pass it on to a third party.

Product gets outdated because the packaging represents a holiday or a promotion.

Product gets either close to or past the "Best By" date.